7 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Your Blog Comment Strategies

Commenting works, but only if you play the game well. Today, I want to talk about 7 things you are doing wrong in your comment strategies, hoping that you can recognize your faults and fix them before you waste any more time with those horrible comment strategies.

1. SEO Keywords

Look, most blogs are no follow, so why would you care about keywords? Your name isn’t “Viagra Sales Online” is it? I hope not.

Many bloggers delete those comments immediately, but even if they don’t, no one is going to see “Attorney Websites” and think “wow, I need to click that link!”

It makes you look like a noob. Don’t do it.

2. Great Post!

Do we really need to say this? Sadly, I still see this everywhere, so yes, I think we do.

If your comments consist of nothing but “great post”, “awesome job”, or “well done” then you might as well not comment at all.

Why would anyone click through and read your blog if you can’t even be interesting in a blog comment section?

3. Always Being a Jerk

It’s OK to disagree, but if you’re the guy or gal that always disagrees, then you’re not a commenter, but a troll. People don’t like trolls, and they certainly aren’t going to visit your bitter and venom spewing website after reading your vitriolic comments.

4. Always being Wrong

Do you find that every time you comment someone disagrees with you and proves why you are wrong? If that’s the case, then it’s time to do some research and comment with a bit more knowledge of the situation. If you’re always wrong, then your blog probably is as well.

5. Not Reading the Post

It’s easy to spot these people. Their comment has zero to do with the post, and was probably made after reading the title and skipping straight to the bottom of the post.

If you’re obsessed with being first, or just being in as many places as possible, at least read the post first.

6. Not Being Consistent

If you want to get traffic from comments, then it will take time. You have to work a neighborhood consistently and over time until people recognize you. Your aim should be to become a regular, not a random commenter.

7. Being Late

The best way to get traffic from comments is not to be in the middle of the stack. Your best bet is to be first or last, with first being the best choice.

Obviously, we can’t all be first, but if the post is months old, then chances are high that no one reads it very often and your comment will be wasted.

I realize these are highly arbitrary and liable to make me infamous, but that’s part of the fun. If you really want to get traffic from comments, then make great comments and use common sense.

5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

Do you want to try cosplay? If so, you may want not to watch a TV show or read a good comic book for ideas for a good costume. Aside from this, you can get suggestions from your friend. Given below are some tips for beginners that may help you get ready for the event.

5. Don’t get intimidated

You may get intimidated when checking out the pictures of good cosplayers on websites, such as Cosplay and Deviant Art. You can find people who turned this fun activity into a serious game. If you visit a convention, you will find various costumes. Some costumes are homemade, while others are store-bought.

To avoid being intimidated, we suggest that you consider this a fun activity. Actually, this is a fun activity, not something that should be afraid of.

4. Use lightweight material

Your costume may be incomplete without props. Usually, conventions have guidelines for the type of prop. Make sure that the prop is not on the list of weapons, as you are not allowed to use real weapons on the site.

Make sure that the props material is lightweight. For instance, we suggest that you go for materials like plastics, woods and foam. Since foam is soft, people around you won’t get hurt.

3. Pack in an efficient manner

Once you have prepared the costume, make sure you take it to the convention in one piece. For this, we suggest that you pack your stuff properly. It’s a good idea to pack down large pieces for easy packing. For safety reasons, it’s better to pack things with bubble wrap.

2. Get ready to deal with the problems

If you want to put a costume, we suggest that you get ready for the problems that you may come across. It’s a good idea to bring a sewing kit in case the costume needs a little bit of repair.

Make sure you get the right type of undergarments for cosplay. For instance, if the bra strip doesn’t look good, make sure you do something to hide it.

1. Learn to take criticism

If you put on a great costume, you will be able to stand out from the crowd at the convention. At times, the costume works for you and you become the center of attention at the event. Sometimes, the costume doesn’t work and you end up being the center of criticism.

At the event, you will get stares, and bad comments. Some of the remarks may be hurtful or uncomfortable. So, we suggest that you ignore these remarks and grow a thick skin. Usually, people who attend these festivals for the first time lose heart when they get negative comments. With time, you will get used to negativity and everything will be fine.

So, if you have been looking for some good cosplay costume tips, we suggest that you check out the 5 tips given in this article. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the best costume and have a lot of fun at the event.